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The gang at Automotive Revival wants to hit the road as much as anyone this summer, but before we do, let’s take a peek at some important areas of concern before we load up and hit the gas. Remember, preventative maintenance is always key.

Engine Health – To check for a tuneup and general condition of the engine – filters, spark plugs, wires, etc.

Battery – How it looks is important, as its posts and hold down bracket can become corroded. Also as most car batteries in this climate last for about five years, a load test is a great idea.

Cooling System – A vehicle can struggle to keep cool on a hot day, so it’s necessary to visually check components, belts, hoses, and test the coolant for its health. A cooling system should be flushed out and refilled every 24 months.

AC System – To insure it maintains optimum temperature on demand, we offer a visual inspection as well as a pressure test on its refrigerant system.

There are many other points of concern, such as the braking system and suspension, but with every oil change, Automotive Revival offers a free multi-point inspection to every customer.

Please give us a call today at 720.331.2776 to schedule an appointment for a thorough checkup before you hit the road!

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