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At Automotive Revival, we have discovered that adhering to a regularly scheduled plan is a good thing. Especially if you want your car to behave. So we’ve declared April to be Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Month!

Yeah, we are definitely an exciting bunch.

A car’s life is measured out in miles, and in most cases, there will be an owner’s manual in its glove box. (We promise it’s there, under the pack of gum and stack of Chinese takeout menus.) This little book is going to have, among other things, a list of items recommended to be serviced at certain mileage checkpoints, typically 25,000, 50,000, etc.

These points include, but are not limited to, fluids, brakes, timing belts, and other components and systems that can wear down — and they depend on us to them in good shape.

Nothing lasts forever, but the life of the vehicle can definitely be prolonged by checking and servicing these checkpoints. And here at Automotive Revival, our goal is to help you keep your car running happy as long as possible.

Please give us a call at 720-331-2776 to schedule an appointment.

Thank You and Happy Motoring!

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