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Behold the 1969 Jeepster Commando — is she a beauty or what?

Every once in awhile, I like to showcase a really cool car that has rolled through our garage. And this summer, we were lucky enough to work on this baby. The customer inherited the Jeepster from her dad, who bought it new. After being stored in garage for many years, she wanted us to get it roadworthy again, so we did. Because this beauty definitely belongs on the road for everyone to see.

Dean Martin and the Jeepster

Dean Martin and the Jeepster

Not gonna lie — I definitely had fun test driving it after doing all the updated maintenance. What a joy to drive. See, even Dean Martin got in on some Jeepster action.

And when the customer got her Jeepster back, we are happy to say that she was pleased! Here is her Google review: “Dave is incredible to work with; so passionate and great at what he does! Our vehicle is better than ever and we will definitely be using Automotive Revival in the future.”

So if you have a classic baby that needs a bit of love, please call us as we love working on older cars and restoring them to glory days.

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