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Is winter killing my battery?

“Cold weather is often fingered as the culprit when car batteries die, but actually warm temperatures do the most damage to them. High temperatures quicken corrosion. Car batteries usually go dead in cold weather because damage done during the summer doesn’t show up until the battery is more taxed. A cold battery has reduced cranking power, and cold temperatures thicken motor oil, making it harder to turn the engine over. Modern electrical and fuel systems can mask a weak battery by starting an engine with a minimum of cranking, but when a weak battery is further compromised by cold conditions, it’s more likely to fail.”
(lifted shamelessly from Consumer Reports.)

I couldn’t agree more, as we have replaced a lot of batteries in the last few weeks.

Batteries are generally affordable and can typically be installed fairly quick, so call us to schedule an appointment to get it checked out before it ends up looks like this!

Dead corroded battery in car

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