We have been committed to serving Denver in auto repair for more than 15 years, striving to keep our customers’ auto repair service experience the best in Denver!


We like to keep up with current automotive trends and technology, but our level of experience also extends to traditional and classical auto repair as well. We love all types of cars from old to new, foreign to domestic. And we use our vast knowledge of cars on every repair.


Finally, our pricing is always upfront with no hidden fees or surprise charges. We’re happy to give you an estimate and walk-ins are always welcome.


We gladly service all makes and models of cars and trucks.


Includes OEM spark plugs, any applicable parts. Courtesy inspection offered. (Platinum plugs extra.) Tune-ups are now including cabin air filters – please ask an associate for details.

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light (CEL) is a warning indicator — it means your vehicle’s computer has determined that an engine component or your emission control system is not behaving properly. We check this for free and tell you exactly what it means.


Not starting? The battery is the main component and we provide a free battery test and related charging system diagnosis.

Power windows not working? Door locks? We inspect this system as well.

Brake Repair

Slow pedal response, odd noises, wobbling, or just generally poor braking performance. This can be caused by worn out pads, rotors, shoes, or a failure of a hydraulic component. These items are thoroughly inspected with every brake system inspection.

Air & Heat

Replacing worn belts, hose/lines, compressors and refrigerant leak checks. The AC not blowing cold is the most common complaint. To diagnose this problem, a general inspection of the entire system and related components is necessary.

Adversely, a lack of heat is another common issue, and is sometimes due to a faulty thermostat or a failed water pump. Other factors can contribute as well, and we can provide a complete cooling system diagnosis in order to locate the problem.


Is your car riding funny, handling poor, or making noise? Springs, shocks, struts, upper and lower control arms, and sway bar components – these are the major players in a car’s suspension, and we provide a thorough inspection of this system.

Timing Belt & Water Pump

Replacing the timing belt at factory intervals is highly recommended, as timing belts can wear out and break – potentially damaging engines.

A failing water pump can potentially leak coolant and cause leaking/overheating issues. The water pump on most modern cars is run by the timing belt, and is recommended to be replaced with a new timing belt.

We inspect the entire engine cooling and heating system, such as belts, hoses, and thermostat.  A Regularly scheduled cooling system flush is also recommended.

Clutch & Driveline

Clutch system inspection components include clutch kit, flywheel, and related clutch components.

Driveline components include CV axles, drive shafts, and related components. We provide a complete inspection of this system.

Wheel Alignment

Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Is your steering wheel off-center when you are driving in a straight line? Tires wearing uneven? You could need an alignment. We provide this service to help keep them wearing evenly.


Inspection, repair and replace. Recommended tire rotation is every 6,000 miles, or every other oil change.

Used Vehicle Inspection

We also provide inspections to potential purchases, as we know that buying a used vehicle is a big commitment and you should know what you’re getting into. We give it The Eyeball from top to bottom and end-to-end, with a test drive. This gives you a nice little report to present to the seller so the bartering can begin.

Performance & Classic Restorations

Whether it’s your hot-rod Impala, or your grocery-getting Brady Bunch wagon, we have a handle on the pre-computer past. Please call for details.

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